Feeling powerless to make substantive change in your life? You’re in good company – and at just the right place. Praying for openness to the power of the Spirit to begin something new in you.

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Review, Reflect, and Imagine

Getting a grip on the busy-ness trap of ministry (and life!)

Review, Reflect, Imagine 2017

One of the biggest traps of ministry (and life!) in the 21st Century is falling into the abyss of busy-ness. Almost everyone I know (myself included) seems to answer the question of “How are you?” with “Too busy!!” The first steps in getting out of this busy-ness trap are to review and reflect on how life has been, and then imagine how you want it to be. 

I am delighted to be returning to Holden this summer as village musician. Beginning Together is the theme for Summer 2017 – the first summer guests are welcomed back to the village after the mine reclamation and clean-up project. If you haven’t been to Holden yet, this would be a wonderful summer to go and see what so many have found to be life-changing.

Date: June 4, 2017—June 10, 2017
Event: Holden Village
Topic: Village Musician
Sponsor: Holden Village
Venue: Holden Village
Location: Chelan, WA
Public: Public