Sr. Becky has helped ministries and organizations of all sizes listen for how God is calling them to be in their particular time and place. This planning process is sometimes called “mission-visioning”, sometimes “strategic planning”, sometimes “getting unstuck.” She has experience using a variety of models and processes and usually draws from a number of different sources to customize with you a process that will be right for your organization. Healthy Congregations, SWOT, Implications Wheel, Appreciative Inquiry, Listening Posts/processes are some of the most common tools she uses when coming alongside leaders and communities to help them move forward.

Becky Swanson is a deacon with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). She is also a member of the Deaconess Community (that's where the "Sister" thing comes from.)

She works with women in ministry who want to be more creative and joyful in their leadership that transform their communities.